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How To Fix This Error on YouTube? – “ This Video is Unavailable.”

YouTube is such a platform of video streaming that targets billions of users around the world. But sometimes, while watching a video an anonymous thing happens, Saying that “this video is unavailable!” Almost all the YouTube users report this problem frequently on the internet and ask about it confusedly that why the hell does this happen?

Well, concerning the questions of the public we’ll utilize the best of our knowledge to provide you with the answers to all these questions. In this blog, we’ll not only discuss the story behind this “Video unavailable” sentence but also some ways to fix it. So, let’s cut to the chase!

Why YouTube Shows “YouTube Video not Available in Your Country?”

Before further explanation, we’ve talked about the background of this unwanted statement. As, YouTube has billions of users and 72 hours of new video uploaded every minute, so it can get restricted sometimes but not mostly. The smooth running of YouTube is credited to Google’s good management practices. But the issue of “video not available in your country” that sometimes arises can restrict the users from watching videos.

We’ve gathered on this page to make you aware of the fact behind this. The reasons that may circulate behind this problem are;

Types of Error Content

Most commonly, YouTube tends to show four types of error messages which appear when content is not available. YouTube strictly follows its rules, copyright laws, and privacy policy. The first reason for which the error may occur is copyright infringement. In this case, Google will either delete a video completely or in specific areas, if there’s a complaint that the video violates copyright laws.

A second reason for the error content is geographic restrictions. Some companies don’t want their content to be seen internationally. Following that, you may not be able to see the video if you aren’t in the allowed region.

The third reason or third type of error is “this video is not available in your country”. Numerous issues can cause this error. In this case, the video is not removed it is still there but not visible. You can use several ways to fix this problem like you can lower the video quality to play the video. If the “video unavailable” message is still there or you get the fourth type of error message that is “An error occurred – try again later”, you can go for many other ways to sort out the problem. You can also learn how to delete a youtube video from your youtube channel.

How to Watch Unavailable YouTube Videos?

Now, we’ll move towards the ways which can help to revive the corrupted video and make it available for watching. Whether it is your mobile or PC, you can get assistance from the following solutions.

A.     Check the Network

Sometimes when your network is poor, messages like this video are not available to watch in your location appear. You can visit a second website if the video gets loaded. If the video is still unavailable, you can consider your connection settings or reset the router to fix it.

B.     Restart YouTube app, Browser, or Devices

Temporary and sudden malfunction in YouTube can cause such messages to appear. If you refresh the page to get rid of it, this can solve the problem. If refreshing the page doesn’t show any expected result then try to fix it by restarting your browser, YouTube, or device.

C.     Change Location – Use VPN

As we discussed that, some companies don’t allow international people to see their content. So, you can make such content available to you by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). What magic does a VPN do?

Well, it hides your original location and online activity from ISP and malware users. Moreover, VPN hides your IP address and allocates you a new one belonging to a different country. So, all of the problems because of geographical restrictions can be solved through it.

D.    Enable Flash & JavaScript

If you’ve accidentally disabled your JavaScript or Flash, YouTube may show this video is unavailable in your country. You can sort out the problem by enabling Flash and JavaScript in the browser’s settings.

E.     Disable Hardware Acceleration

Some of the users say that if you come across the content not available issue, it may be due to a disruption in the hardware acceleration of the browser. Hardware acceleration is an option that is responsible for using computer GPU to render videos. It is useful though but it can also cause many problems.

To solve the problem because of this feature, it is better to disable it in the browser’s settings.

F.     Clear Cache and Cookies

Increased Cache may interrupt the performance of an application. Sometimes, if the cache gets corrupted, you may see this video is unavailable on this device. To resolve this case, you need to clean the cache and cookies on your browser or YouTube application.

After clearing the cache, restart the browser and watch the video again.

G.    Change the Video Quality

If your internet speed is low or your WiFi isn’t supporting the HD quality of the video, your video may get interrupted with this video is not available. You can make out of this problem by choosing a low quality like 240p or 360p to resolve the issue.

H.    Check the Internet Speed

Slow internet speed can also slow down your video streaming experience or may even stop it by making the video unavailable. To have a smooth experience, make sure you have 500 Kbps for cellular connection. If you want to see high-resolution videos, the internet speed must be 7 Mbps.

But how you can check it? You can check it with a good tool on Google. If speed is low, you should improve it for a better experience.

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Final Word

In the light of the above discussion, a large platform like YouTube despite good management may get interrupted and start showing errors like this video is unavailable. However, this problem is really solvable. For that, we have provided you here with all the possible solutions that can help you out efficiently in such a situation.

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