Privacy Policy

At toponstack, you will find all the informational content. our mission is just to give relevant information to our audience. Toponstack is a general blog where we discuss the info about technology, business, How-Tos, and reviews about different things.

What Information do We Gather From You?

We don’t manipulate or store any of your personal details on our site. If someone from our audience, want to comment below any article. He/she will give his/her name, email, website’s URL (if have), and will write the comment column anything he wants to share with us or the audience. We don’t collect any banking information in our privacy policy. We don’t cache any other act undertaking by you on our website.

Cookie Specific Privacy Policy

In the event that a guest goes to our site, we simply save the treats/cookies. it is only for giving info rapidly If you visit any article of toponStack, and you like it. Hopefully, you will visit the website in the future too. so we save the cookies in the database and show you results immediately when you visit the site over and over.

Third-Party Intermediaries

As we are working as a general blog, so here you don’t use any credit card or banking information as this is not an e-commerce site or an online marketplace. So, we don’t use any information about your credit card or PayPal, etc.


Here we obviously notice that in the event that we change our strategy about your protection and security and utilize any of your personal information in the future, we will update it here on our privacy policy page. So you don’t need to worry about anything.

Link to Other Websites

In our article or substance, we utilize the outbound connections, where you can locate the essential data about that particular article. or learn more about that issue. So, here we clearly mention that the privacy policy of that sites may differ from ours. So make sure that you have read that terms before visiting that sites.