Professional web design services in Surabaya

Web Design Services to Elevate Your Brand and Business

In today’s digital era, a website is no longer a luxury feature for businesses many businesses have experienced the advantages of a website to support their business operation. When done correctly, web design services are certainly beneficial for your brand and business.

Professional web design services in Surabaya, Indonesia

A website is like a home, office, or shop on the internet, if you already have the place, customers can come to it and learn about and purchase your product or service. Websites in 2021 should always have basic features, such as:

  • The latest technology comply with Google requirements
  • Light-weight, fast loading website
  • Responsive, therefore mobile-friendly
  • Contains call to action
  • SEO friendly

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Professional web design to suit the business

Design and layout are the two main things that your website visitors see, we create a website that will make visitors feel at home, easy to navigate, with modern icons, clear colors that compliment the corporate color, and are memorable. So website visitors feel comfortable and want to read about your features and your company or products and services.

And of course, it suits your business type, niche, and your target audience.

FruityLOGIC Design is a creative design agency, offering graphic design, branding, and web design Surabaya that focuses on visitors and converting visitors into customers.

Latest technology

FruityLOGIC Design is committed to quality, using the latest technology is the standard, to create a website that is efficient, easy to develop, and user-friendly.

The ideal web design is made by implementing good web design programming practice and techniques such as HTML5, CSS3, CSS transition, animation, framework, so that the web design projects produced are professionally done and easy to manage.

Great CMS

CMS (Content Management System) will make it easier to manage content and website features. To accommodate the specific needs and ease of use, FruityLOGIC Design created its very own custom CMS. The CMS’s dashboard is simple and concise, it makes it easy for managers to manage website content at will.

Optimized for mobile devices

Smartphone has been more and more affordable and its growth has been exponential in recent years, resulting the use of smartphones replaces the majority of laptop / PC users searching for information. The ideal way to respond to these technological changes is by creating a responsive/mobile-friendly website so that it is convenient to access from cellphones, tablets, and other devices.

SEO friendly

All websites need to follows Google’s SEO requirements so that it is in Google’s favor, has a higher chance of being indexed properly, and is shown in the top ranks of the search result page.

Business development orientated

The website ought to be designed to support business development to achieve the company’s mission.

For more information on how we can help your business grow in the digital era, contact FruityLOGIC Design Surabaya.

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