How to Delete Youtube Video

How to Delete a YouTube Video?

If you have decided to delete your YouTube videos, keep reading for the complete process. Commonly, people are asking how to delete a YouTube video. The reason is that you may have uploaded a video on YouTube mistakenly and want to remove it.

With YouTube, you can do multiple tasks for this. You can whether replace a video or delete video from YouTube. For doing any action, you should follow simple steps. If you will not follow them, you may not be able to delete them from your channel completely.

How to delete videos on YouTube

The process is super simple. We will discuss it for both Android and Computer devices. No matter what you are using, you can read it and complete your task.

From Computers

First of all, sign in to your YouTube account using Google credentials. You will see your profile image in the upper right corner. In case, you have not updated the picture, it will show the first letter of your name. You only have to click on it.

Now, there will be multiple options in front of you. On the third number, you will get an action named YouTube studio. Click on it and you will be in your account’s backend from where you can do whatever you want for your video.

On the left side, you will get some kind of menu bar. Select the option named Content.  You will see all the videos you have uploaded on YouTube. By scrolling your mouse, you will see more buttons there. You only have to click on it and select delete. A box will pop up with a blank small box. Check on it and click delete forever. It will remove your Video from YouTube. Keep in mind that you can not recover your video once you have deleted it forever from your channel.

From Android

Sometimes, you may need to delete your videos quickly even if you have no computer or laptop. Then, you may think about how to delete a YouTube video from android? Just follow simple steps and you are ready to go.

First, sign in to your account with the previous steps. After getting in, click on the library section. For every video, there is an option named more, click on it and select delete. Your video will be removed from YouTube and no one will be able to find it even by using the title or video URL.

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Can I delete the YouTube playlist?

Yes, you can delete a complete playlist from YouTube. It is also common that many users ask how to delete a YouTube playlist?

The process is simple and similar to the previous one. You only have to go into the YouTube studio. In the menu bar, you will find a section of the playlist. Just select the playlist from the given list. You will find all your playlists in this area of the menu bar. Select it and tap on the edit button. Now, you will see an option to delete the playlist. Just click on it and your playlist will be removed from the entire platform. After deleting it, you can not recover it as it has been removed from the algorithm of YouTube.

No person can watch or get the playlist back for you. That is why you should have to take measures and think about whether you want to delete the entire playlist or some videos. Yes, you can easily remove any specific videos from a playlist. With the same procedure, you would have to follow the steps till the edit option. From there, you can remove any of those specific videos from YouTube and your playlist.

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