Billions of dollars are spent on Business Intelligence (BI) software by entrepreneurs, large industries, and other organizations each year. They invest because data is an unbelievably invaluable asset to their company and the brand’s growth.

Domo dashboard is among the most excellent and updated tools to help various companies transform their complex data into contextual and actionable insights. In other words, it is a cloud-based platform meant to help brands make better business decisions.

Benefits of using Domo BI Dashboard

If you have not yet considered investing in this sophisticated software, some benefits are listed. These critical points can help you make the right call, ensuring your decision is the best one for your business.

All-inclusive platform

Domo is more than just another BI tool wherein you seek answers to multiple questions from different people. Domo offers unique and valuable features that you may otherwise need to purchase separately. For instance, the software comes with an internal data warehouse, numerous ETL, over a thousand in-built applications, and data visualization tools, among other things, making its dashboards one of the strongest and most reliable ones in the market.

These features enable it to integrate diverse departments, such as sales, marketing, leads, operations, IT, and finance. Therefore, Domo has become a memorable part of the global BI industry worth billions of dollars.

Promotes and enables swift action

One of the biggest and perhaps most striking features of Domo is that it drives quick action, which in turn causes results faster. So, while a standard BI software might typically reference data cards, Domo can instantly tell the results. Moreover, if the results are wrong, it can suggest possible solutions as the next step to help stabilize the situation. It is tailored to meet specific target audiences instead of random users. Often, the dashboard will contain high-end analytics such as forecasting, ratio calculator, and trends, among others.

Better security

Healthcare, retail, hospitality, finance, and scores of other industries store your data with them, making it susceptible to cyber-attacks if the software is subpar. But the scenario is much different with a Domo dashboard because it includes encrypt and decrypt abilities based on different permission levels.

Domo offers its users a feature called “publication groups” through which executives can select a particular group of people to have exclusive access to specific, confidential information. All businesses find this type of top-notch security desirable, as it enables them to keep valuable data safe from thefts.

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Excellent team collaboration

In a traditional work culture, managers and other top-level employees need to wait for a considerable amount of time before getting answers and reports. Also, they mainly depend on physical meetings to get this sort of task and relay information successfully. But when you use a sophisticated dashboard like Domo, it changes the situation immediately by facilitating accessible communication between numerous groups across the organization. Domo has a free chat option where team members can easily collaborate and exchange vital information. They can keep track of their tasks more efficiently, assist one another if necessary, and report back to their superiors without wasting any time.

All this makes it easy for you to focus on your company, keep tabs on its progress, and scale new heights more efficiently.

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