US Market Opening Time

US Market Opening Time in India

Do you know about the popular business news of our market opening time in India and why people want to know about it?  Let’s with us, in this article, we will provide you very beneficial details that you should know. That’s important for readers to know how the global stock exchange market influence the Indian stock exchange market. It’s all about those peoples who like to read out some new business dealings or investments between these two countries. Indian stock markets opening or closing timing is9:15 am to 3:30 pm. Many stock trading markets working all over the world. All of these stock exchange markets opening and closing time are not same varies from each other.

What is a Commodity Market

Commodities are an asset that is dealing in US dollar currency. Prices of these commodities are directed by two factors: supply and demand. And everyone knows that the US is an immense commodity market maker. On the other side, China is the massive market origin for all kinds of commodities because there is an enormous asset of human power available at low cost. Prices of commodities driving by different market exchanges. All of the prices start from the Asian continent to the US that is Japan to the US commodity market. 

What is a Commodity Market

On 21 April, MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd) is going to revise the dealing hours especially, for the non-Agri commodities division. For MCX, commodity dealing is very beneficial as well as profitable. According to the statement of exchange, this dealing takes place 24 hours or us commodity market opening time in India and closing time also 9:00 am to 11:30 pm.

SEBI (security and exchange board of India) informed the exchanges that it was changing the closing time from 11.30 PM to 5 PM and the same was implemented from March 30. Although, some of the CPAI (Commodity Participants Association of India), earlier wrote to regulatory authorities looking for a decrement in dealing hours, but now requests remain the old time. 

Some commodities are highly in-demand all over the world such as copper, iron, gold, lubricant oil, petrol, diesel, crude oil, etc. In India, the hot stock of Kotak Mah Bank, Sun Pharma Industries very profitable.

Leading Stock Exchange Market

Some leading stock exchange market is as follows in all around the world:

  • New York Stock Exchange Market
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange Market
  • London Stock Exchange Market
  • Swiss Stock Exchange Market

World or US Market Opening Time in India (Indian Standard Time)

We are categorizing all of these world stock exchange market into three groups that are as follows: 

  • American Stock Exchange Market
  • Asian Stock Exchange Market
  • European Stock Exchange Market
Sr. Stock ExchangeCountryOpening TimeClosing Time
1.New York Stock Exchange MarketUSA7:00 pm1:30 am
2. Shanghai Stock Exchange MarketChina7:00 am12:30 pm
3.London Stock Exchange MarketItaly or USA12:30 pm9:30 am
4. Swiss Stock Exchange MarketSwitzerland1:30 pm10:00 pm
5.NASDAQUSA7:00 pm1:30 am
Table: Exchange Markets Timing

Stock exchange markets, trading regulating, or working days from Monday to Friday. By stock exchange markets, Saturday and Sunday remain closed. 

 According to Indian standard time, United States (US) stock exchange market open at 7:00 pm or put-up shutter at 1:30. Then, at 7:00 am China stock market opens.

All of the global indexes influence the Indian stock exchange market. You can get an idea from this global stock trade that will help you to decide your dealings for buying and selling of stock. 

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