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What is Samsung AR Zone App? All Features and Customization

AR App means Augmented Reality App that provides the users with a 3D view of different emojis and stickers.  AR-based apps just not enhanced the user viewing experience but also provide ease to users to convey a message via 3D technology. A user can deliver his message more explicitly. It also enhances the user’s satisfaction while using an AR app. But here we are discussing all about, what is the AR zone App? And how you can use the AR zone app in Samsung Devices?

AR Zone App is by default installed in the Samsung phones but you can also use this app on the other android phones as well as Apple devices. There are also so many apps on the android play store that are based on AR technology. But the AR zone app in Samsung phones is specially installed for the users. This has some incredible features that we will discuss in this article.

In Android: What is AR Zone App?

AR Zone App or software provides the functionality of AR Emoji and different AR doodle. When you will use this AR app on your phone. First of all, you will select a face from given ones then you will proceed further. In the next steps, you can customize this emoji as you want to. You can select the face shape, skin tone, hairstyle, what you want to wear to your character, and many more. This AR app has fully functioned. Once you will complete the customization of the emoji there will be different duplications of this with different expressions. These features are provided by the Samsung AR Zone App.

Samsung AR zone app

Now, you can use these doodles in your conversation in different apps like MMS, WhatsApp, or massager, etc. Here we are discussing some core features of the Samsung AR Zone App.

  • AR Emoji Camera:

AR emoji camera is just like an ordinary camera in your phone but the difference is, it will not show your face but a sticker that you have pre-customized in your AR app. This character will look like you. You can also record a short video having a doodle or emoji on your face.

  • AR Emoji Stickers:

By using this app you can also create stickers by yourself just like the bitmoji app on iPhone. You can customize these characters as you want.

  • Quick Measurement:

As we discussed above this app is based on the augmented reality, so it also uses AI technology. You can also measure the distance from one point to another by this AR app. And you can find the size of the specific object.

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Not a Samsung user? Than Where You Can Find the AR Zone App?

No need to worry about this. AR zone app is just pre-installed in the Samsung phones. But this is not only one app that is based on AR technology. There are several apps that you can find on the play store like, Houzz, Google lens (one of the most popular apps by Google), GIPHY World, and YouCam. Just install these apps on your android phones and explore the different AR functionalities.

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