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OLX Pakistan – A Leading Online Market Place

OLX that is also known as OnLine eXchnage Group, is an online marketplace where people sell items like electronics, furniture goods, property, Cars, and bikes, etc. You can place an ad there if you want to sell anything i.e. goods or services too. Its headquarter in Amsterdam, but it is running in 96 countries in the world including Pakistan. So, here we discussed how OLX Pakistan is popular among the people of this country. How much it is beneficial for the people of Pakistan.

OLX Pakistan is viewed by 30 million people every month. People use this marketplace to buy and sell their services or goods online. This made online shopping very easy for people. They visit this platform for the best deals.

The OLX started this project in 2006. In an interview with their co-CEO, it is asked why you start OLX in 2006? He said we looked at the world especially the USA and European countries used online classifieds ads in the newspapers and different magazines to sell their goods, services, or land. On the other hand. The Italian and eastern countries were using some online platforms. So, he said he combined the concept of newspaper classifieds and the online platforms that were running that time i.e. Craigslist and eBay. He took the opportunity and copy the concept then he invented the new app in the online marketplace that is OLX.  First, they advertise this app in every local market and then launched it globally.

How long has OLX been in Pakistan?

OLX Pakistan started there 4 years ago. They are focusing to start their services in Pakistan a year ago. But they grow tremendously within one year. They increased their size in just one year and become four times big in the online marketplace in Pakistan.

If we talk about Alexa’s rank, The OLX is at 16th place if we talk about all sites combined. But if we talk about just classified sites, then it is at the top. There is one of the big competitors in the Pakistan DEKHO, but it is significantly smaller than OLX Pakistan.  OLX.com.pk hits 5 million unique visitors every month only in Pakistan.

According to a survey, it is assumed that OLX Pakistan will be 10 times bigger than where it is today in monthly page views. Because there are many users that have not come to OLX yet but hopefully they use it in the future. That’s why they will continue to invest in Pakistan in the future too.

OLX users in Pakistan are usually in their 20s and 30s. They come to this platform when they need to find a job or want to use a service etc. So, if we compared it with other developed markets, the fundamental differences are that you find there aged women or men. But we have younger users on OLX than the physical markets.

OLX Pakistan Lahore:

Lahore is the second biggest city in Pakistan and the 18th largest city in the world. As we know, at this time every person needs to buy or sell something on the daily basis. It would be electronics, Property, car, bike, etc. So, nowadays almost every person a smartphone, according to a survey there is 3.5 billion people in the globe have a smartphone in 2020.

So, you can use this smartphone to buy or sell something in the online market. OLX Pakistan Lahore has 30k daily viewers or visitors. People use this user-friendly marketplace for their ease and buy and sell services or goods on it.

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OLX Pakistan Karachi:

Karachi is also called the city of lights of Pakistan. It is the largest city in Pakistan according to the population. This is the capital of Pakistan that is why the trade in this city is on a big scale. It is also the industrial center or financial hub of Pakistan. Karachi generates 20% of GDP and handles 95% of foreign trade.

So, if we talk about online shopping in Karachi, the thousands of products sold online every day. The estimated sale of products in Karachi, through an online marketplace like OLX Pakistan, is 15 million-plus.  Online shopping in this biggest city is delighted with the help of OLX Pakistan Karachi. The daily visitors on OLX Pakistan from Karachi is 8.5 lac. This is very beneficial for the people of Karachi now, to trade through this largest online marketplace.

OLX Pakistan Rawalpindi:

Rawalpindi is the 4th biggest city in Pakistan. This is adjacent to the capital Islamabad and these two cities, which is why called twin-cities.  OLX Pakistan Rawalpindi gets 8 lac, daily visitors, from this city who buy or sell electronic things, cars, bikes, etc. People also visit OLX for selling their services. A lot of people get jobs through the classifieds ads on OLX. People who provide services and want to hire new staff or team. They publish an advertisement on OLX Pakistan and get many applicants for their purpose.

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