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Manuela Escobar Biography, Wiki, Height, Boyfriend & More

Manuela Escobar belongs to the richest family, popular as a smuggler’s daughter.  Because her father was a businessman, Colombian drug lord, and narco-terrorist.  Pablo Escobar supplied 80 percent cocaine to the USA. It costs $ 20 million annually. He became the richest man from a middle-class personality. Have strong contacts and drug dealing at a large scale.   He was famous by the name “King of Cocaine” and the richest criminal.

In 1976, her mother was just 15 when she was getting married to her father. Juan Pablo Escobar an elder brother who is an author and architect as well. She faced many problems in her childhood. She does not live a normal life due to her family identity.  Her family faces a car bomb blast accident. Due to this accident, she becomes deaf from one ear. All of this was plan out for murdering her father. After her father’s death who was killed by Colombian national police and competitor took control of the drug trading business.

Manuela Escobar Education:

She said that, at the age of 9, bears a rollercoaster life.  After settled in Argentina, Manuela Escobar got ritual education and hide their real identity. After revealing the true identity of her family, she revoked to go back to the educational institute.  And got private classes.  Where her mother starts a successful real estate occupation. Someone found their real identity and arrested them for 1.5 years.  They could not find any illegal activity so, she was free.

According to Manuela Escobar, she was a dearest child and apple of her father’s eye, lived her life like a princess when her father was alive.  Both of them have a special relationship.  He can go to any extent to fulfill his daughter’s wish. Therefore, also rumored that little Manuela was a spoilt child.  Additionally, could not sleep for some days after her father’s death. 

Currently, living a peaceful life with a new identity, wants away from her horrible past. Like other celebrities, not an activistic personality on social media. Her brother also wrote a book for her father that name is “Pablo Escobar: My Hero.”  Their lives were full of thorns not less than a thrilling movie.

Manuela Escobar’s Instagram (Social Media Life)

Not so many people know about Manuela Escobar’s present life.  She stays away from highlight, does not like to talk to media, maintained silence for a long period.  But her mother or brother speaking to social media, and not have an account on social media sites They is no type of social media accounts i.e Manuela Escobar Instagram or related information but some of the captures in which look very happy. 

 Although, reports said that, Manuela is married and living pleased life.  Also cooks very delicious and tasty meals for her family.

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Manuela Escobar: Age, Height

Manuela Escobar is 35 years old. Her eyes color is brown and looks very pretty with long black hair. Height is 5feet 7 inches with 60 kg weight.

Love Life: Manuela’s Boyfriend

According to some reports, she is a married woman and does not share any type of personal details publicly.   Therefore, no one is dating her, no boyfriend. Manuela Escobar’s age is 36 years. All of this information is accurate and confirmed by some resources.  She loves to secrete her life and relationships. Rumors or information about celebrities vary from time to time so, it’s really difficult to find all of the histories about relationships, breakups.

Manuela Escobar Net worth

Manuela Escobar was the daughter of the richest criminal person all over the world. It an amazing thing that her father burned approx. $2 million only for kept his princess warm.   He was the richest criminal and smuggler who supplies a handsome quantity of drugs to the USA. Escobar’s net worth was $30 Billion since the 1990s. 

Manuela Escobar’s net worth digit is $600,000.  of this is come from her mother’s real estate business.  She had changed her name also for hiding her real identity.

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