What is IDP.Generic

What is IDP.Generic? 3 Easiest Methods How to Fix This issue

IDP is a term that stands for Identity Detection protection. It means you while you are running a program on your pc, your antivirus app that you have installed on your PC. Suddenly it detects an error in your running program and sends you a pop-up notification. This error is caused due to different reasons that means it has not a specific reason that is why you have to choose different measures to fix IDP.Generic error. There are several files on your computer that can be caused this issue. Some users face this problem while using python. Some other users face this problem due to bugs in their installed antivirus.

It has also been seen that this problem not only due to the antiviruses, this could be due to some other programs. Most of the gamers face this problem on their PCs. It would be due to outdated antiviruses you are using on your computer. It is a byproduct error that means if you are using avast or AVG antivirus software on your PC and it is expired or outdated then you will receive too many notifications of IDP.Generic warning. If you are receiving avast IDP.Generic error then it means that is a true error and you should take thoughtful measures to remove it from your computer.

What is idp.generic avast?

Sometimes a user does not take this issue seriously and ignore these type of notifications. So it helps hackers gain access to a user’s computer and harm his/her data or files. The hackers can simply gain access through email spamming in this situation. Many times these types of cases take place where hack succeed to hack the personal data of the users. The majority of the users have installed the avast antiviruses in their computers so it detects these types of errors while playing games.

If it detects an avast idp.generic error, it will stop the program immediately.  So, the practice is, you should run a full scan program before playing the game on your pc then it will not disturb your running game by sending pop-up notifications about viruses or malware.

Is IDP.generic a Trojan or not?

A user sometimes faces IDP.Generic error and get just a warning thorough a pop-up message. But if you are using avast or AVG then you could face a problem with your running program. Sometimes an individual faces this issue by Identify a Protection detection component that detects a generic file in your system. It is sometimes also called a false positive problem. But it could be faced in the form of real malware.


This problem or error is solvable if you use some defined measures to remove it from your system. You can solve this issue by deleting your temporary folders permanently. Often if you have exe program files in your computer, cause problem or malware viruses due to a Trojan, if it remains in your recycle bin for a long time.

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What should I do if I found the IDP.Generic problem is false positive?

The first and easiest way to get rid of this problem, you should update your adobe flash player. This update will fix the bugs in your program and fill out the holes that cause the hacker’s attack on your system.  Here are some methods that can be followed to get rid of this problem of IDP.Generic.

fix idp.generic
fix idp.generic

1. Update your Antivirus

If you are using an antivirus like avast and AVG, There could be an error in the program that may cause a false positive error in your pc. By updating the antivirus it could be fixed. It will be better practice if you update both i.e. antivirus and program.

2. Update the JAVA Runtime Environment

As we told you this problem may cause due to different reasons. So, it could be due to the older version of the Java Runtime environment too. So first uninstall the older version and then install it again by downloading the latest version of the setup.

  • Step1: Go to the control panel on your pc.
  • Step2: Select Modify/Uninstall option by right-clicking on the java program

Now download the new file from the internet and install it on your computer. By installing the latest version of Java may solve your problem.

3. Use VirusTotal

VirusTotal is software that detects the virus in your computers like Trojan, malware, and worms. Install this software on your pc and scan it once. It will be better and will remove the idp.generic virus from your system


People surf the internet without knowing these little problems that occur. It is a minor problem but solvable. But if you ignore these types of issues, hackers take advantage and get into your system via spammy mails or invisible applications.

Thus, we highly recommend you to check twice your all applications or programs that they are running on their latest versions. And never install any third-party software on your system, it causes the breakage of security. A full scan of files can help you to prevent from idp.generic problem. But if you face this problem anytime use these three easy steps to solve.

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