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How to Remove Ingrown Eyelashes at Home?

Ingrown eyelash is not common to get but many people are facing this problem. Do you feel irritation due to these eyelashes and want to get rid of them? If you are looking for the best solution, keep reading as we have got your back. Let’s start from the roots to understand this term and then move how we can remove them at home.

Why Have I Got Ingrown Eyelashes?

Ingrown eyelash is a specific term that represents a condition in which you will get eyelashes inside your eyes instead of the outer part. No doubt, eyelashes will protect the eyes from dust particles but when you have got them in the inner portion, you will get irritation.

There might be different reasons due to which these eyelashes have grown in your eyes. Mostly, you will get them because of inflammation, trauma, and some other issues related to the eyelid. Many people ask how they will get to know they have ingrown eyelashes instead of other eyes infection.

The general symptoms of inside grown eyelashes are redness, soreness, and swelling around your eyes. You might get watery eyes or a continuous flow of water from your eyes. In turn, you will get a blurry look and have to wash your eyes often. All these symptoms show that you have ingrown eyelashes.

How to Remove ingrown eyelashes?

No doubt, this problem is not much common around the globe but it happens with adults mostly. But it is not compulsory because excessive use of mobile or computer can also cause redness in the eyes of a person of every age. The treatment of this problem does not change with the age or physical health of the person.

So, you can follow any of the following methods to remove eyelashes from the inner portion of your eyes.

Natural Products to Treat ingrown eyelashes

It is not such a kind of life-threatening disease for which you have to go to a consultant. You can easily remove or vanish ingrown eyelashes with natural products. We recommend you try this method on a priority basis as it will not harm your eyes or face.

Here is the list of natural products that you can pick for this simple task.

  • Cucumber
  • Honey
  • Coconut Oil
  • Aloe Vera

These products can be used in a specific way to keep your eyes away from extra eyelashes and hairs. For instance, you only have to use coconut oil or Aloe Vera to cover your eyes only. You have to simply apply these liquids around your eyes just below the eyeball and keep your eyes closed. It might be possible that the inner grown hairs will be removed after few days or few turns.

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Home Remedies to Remove Eyelashes

There is a list of treatments that you can do at your home without going to any doctor. You only need to be focused while using any home remedies as you might get hurt if you have not done this treatment properly. Here is the best method that has removed ingrown hairs from the eyes of many patients and provides them relief.

First of all, you should need to pick a soft and clean piece of cloth. Keep in mind that the cloth must have the property to soak the water instead of becoming useless. Then, you should pour some water into a pan and warm it for 10-15 minutes at least.

When you have seen that the water is about to boil, you should take it off from the stove and keep the cloth inside the water. After 10 minutes, you have to get that piece of cloth out and keep it around your eyes. You must have to compress it with a gentle press to get relief from irritation and redness of the eyes.

This method will provide you a sense of relief and make the ingrown eyelashes soft. Now, you can ask any of your family members or friends to pick a tweezer and slightly remove the eyelashes with care. Do not do this on your own because a little misplacement of the cutter will lead you permanent disability of your eyes.

Medical Treatment

If you have tried both of the above methods and do not find them reliable, you can go for medical treatment. It would be better to consult with some eye specialists available in your town to find a better prescription.

But if you are looking for instant relief and have no consultant around there, you can pick an ointment for eyes from any medical shop. Now, you have to apply that ointment around your eyes and inside the eyes too.

You do not have to worry if the ointment has been applied to the eyeball as it will not affect it. After applying, you have to keep your eyes close for 5-10 minutes. It will allow the ointment particles to settle down properly and remove all the ingrown eyelashes within few minutes.

Final Wrap

If you have tried a lot to get rid of eyelashes grown inside your eyes, you should try the above home remedies and medical treatment. We hope that you will be able to remove ingrown eyelashes at home without going to any doctor.

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