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Home Makeover Ideas: 7 Easy Quick DIY Tips to Restore the Beauty of Your Aging House

It’s been years since you bought your dream house. The place that once looked like your paradise is now old. Instead of a beautiful and vibrant view, all you get to see is a dull and boring sight. What does that imply?

Your house needs a quick, new-as-you-just-got-here beauty upgrade. But what are you thinking? You don’t have the budget to do so. Well, Home Talk is here to the rescue. We can’t promise you a full 360° turn-over, but following our quick and easy DIYs, you can restore the beauty of your old house.

1- Clean Home Is a Dream Home

Clean home is a dream home

Dirt can make a new home look old. To think about all the dust accumulated on the walls, furniture, doors, windows, or in any corner of your old home, you can imagine the sight it portrays for your house. So the first tip on our home makeover guide to restoring the beauty of your old and aging house is Cleaning. And by cleaning, we are advising you to deep clean your home. Not the regular cleaning you do once in a while.

Look for the dirt on flat surfaces, behind the TV, or any visibly noticeable space. Take the cleaning of your house to the next level by going from room to room till it’s clean like you just got here today.

2- So Polished, So Fresh

polished home

Now that it’s all clean, the next thing to focus on is the furniture. Over time, the first thing that picks up all the dirt and grime in your house is your wooden furniture and, re-furnishing can be costly and out of reach for most people. But, it does not mean you have to compromise the beauty of your home.

A natural wood furniture restoration polish can give a brand new shine to your coffee table, dining table, or other wooden furniture and help keep them dust-resistant. It can also be utilized for wood flooring. All you need to do is rub the polish on the wooden flooring or the furniture with a clean fabric, and you are good to go.

3- Be Artistic and Create Magic

Artistic and Create Magic

Reorganize your home space and remove the messy and complicated-looking furniture or belongings. Add a Scandinavian touch to keep the vibe fresh. Cover your old kitchen cabinets with printed aesthetic wallpapers or paint them with bright and vibrant colors. You can give your house an artistic look by selecting a theme for each room and adding paintings, decorations, or furniture accordingly.

4- Hide Those Marks

Nothing can make your house drabber than the stains and dirt marks. The more the stain marks, the older it looks. One easy way to cover those stains is by creating a DIY digital wall. Print your favorite photos in the same size and decorate your walls with these memories. You can also hide the marks with fancy mirrors, beautiful art, cardboard DIY wall decoration, etc.

5- Bloom Your Home With Plants

Plants in home

The one thing experts swear by that can instantly beautify your aging home is to go green. The best and the most budget-friendly idea to restore your old space’s beauty is by introducing florals to the indoor and outdoor. You can use the spare ladders or cupboards in your house to hang the planters in any corner of your home. Use a variety of colorful flowers and plants to accentuate the outdoor look of your garden.

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6- Bright With Lights

Good lighting can make or break the look of your entire house, and if your home already looks old enough, then it will only add to the dull, boring, and aging view of your house. Free some space for the natural light to enter your living area. You can also invest in cheap table lamps or floor lighting.

If you want to do it yourself like a pro, take a spare plastic bottle, paint with your favorite color, and pin fancy lights to it. Hang these in the lounge or living room. To remove the extra hassle, get multi-string lights and create a zig-zag pattern on your wall with it. Attach cards, photo frames, or other creative decorations to brighten up your space in style.

7- Add a Hue to Your Walls

Finally, the last DIY in our quick and easy home makeover ideas guide is to add a paint hint to your walls. Yes, it sounds very basic and a standard tip that you might have heard all the time. But, trust our home experts on this, IT WORKS!

You don’t have to go with the usual and boring painting the walls with a bright, bold color thing. You can opt for an accent wall as a stylish alternate, make one for each room, or choose one or two highlighted areas to turn with sponge paint. The choice is all yours.

Don’t forget to cover your outdoor exterior as it is the first thing anyone will notice while looking at your house. Paint the walls with drawings, add floral layers, install lighting, hang decorations or plant frames, and so much more.

We hope this home makeover guide has awakened the DIY artist in you. We would love to see your art and how you manage to turn your aging home into a brand new modern house with simple and easy DIY ideas.

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