Samsung Glaxy S8 Water Test

Is The Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof and Dust Resistant ?

In the age of Android smartphones, Samsung is leading by a big margin. Galaxy S8 is a healthy addition to the list. The phone was launched on April 24, 2017. 5.8 inches Galaxy S8 Waterproof comes with 300mah non-removable battery and supports a single sim. The phone comes with a single camera at rare and a dual-camera setup for selfies. S8 runs Android 7.0(Nougat) which can be upgraded to Android 9.0(Pie). The phone comes with an internal 4GB\64GB memory with a dedicated memory card slot. S8 comes in seven different stylish colors which give customers the flexibility to choose the favorite color. The phone has pretty much exciting advanced features and meets all the needs of the day.

Is Galaxy S8 Waterproof?

This is the most asked question today. Here we have a valid review to counter this question. Just have a look and you will find yourself satisfied.
There are many companies in the market which claim that their phones are water-resistant. But when we made experiments, Galaxy S8 is the only phone which can be titled “waterproof”. Galaxy S8 phones are not only water-resistant but are dust-resistant too. So feel free to take your S8 in the rain, without hesitating as these phones are safe in the water. You can keep S8 in water for three minutes without any additional safety gadget and it will not harm your phone at all. This phone is also safe at 1.5 meters deep water.

The water will not harm S8, however, it will reduce some efficacy of the phone. You can not use the phone screen when it is in the water. This means you can not capture yourself properly while you have exposed your S8 to the water. It might be difficult for you to use the phone in the water as the touchscreen may not work properly and smoothly. To use your app quickly or to app quickly, you need to dry your phone screen.

Performance – Water Resistance

When your device is exposed to water, dry it with the cloth properly to avoid damage. You should also wait until the phone dries completely before charging it. If you plug in the charger while the phone’s USB port is still wet, a water drop icon will appear on the screen to inform you about the problem. Charging will not start until you make the USB port completely dry.
But keep in mind, this resistance is for freshwater only. Hot water, soup water, fast-moving water, or saltwater are not safe for the Galaxy S8 too. You always need to careful in these mentioned water conditions to avoid any damage to your beloved phone. 

Underwater Glaxy S8

You should know that water-resistant does not mean that the phone is safe in every liquid or water-type object. It is better to keep away your phone from other water-type objects. This is not only applicable to Galaxy S8 waterproof but every phone or device which is water-resistant is only resistant to water, not all water-looking objects. The different chemical compounds present in other liquids may harm your phone very quickly.
The experiments show that Galaxy S8 waterproof and show resistance to a great extent. Its resistance is pretty much vital as compared to the other top-rated and famous water-resistant smartphones. We have discussed all the precautions above and hope this will help you a lot to make a comparison between different brands.                 

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