Why Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India

Why Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India?

Bangalore is the capital of and the Indian state of Karnataka, with a population of 8 million-plus. It is the 3rd most populated city in India. It is located in the south of India, 300 ft. above the sea level. The climate of Bangalore is Pleasant that makes it a favorite of most of the people in India and also attracts foreign visitors. Due to most of the IT industries or major IT companies this city also called the Silicon Valley of India. This is the IT capital of India because the leading IT companies of this country are located here. The headquarters of the main technology companies in India are located here. By the demographical importance of this city, it is now the 2nd fastest growing city in India.

This Urban areas of this city have made the economy of India very strong and it is ranked up continuously. It has the most productive metro area of India and many research laboratories and Educational Institutions are located in this city. Here you will find dynamic and eye-catching tech parks, lavish hotels, and beautiful restaurants that are famous over the globe. So, how did this city i.e. Bangalore become the silicon valley of India? Let’s talk about it.

Making of an IT Capital before Becoming a Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore Silicon Valley of India

In the 1980s, when a revolution came in the IT industry, and new hardware and new software policies launched in the IT market. There was a massive increase in the imports and exports of computer components and software in this era. The major two organizations at that time were Wipro and Infosys that was found that time, and they set up camp in Bangalore.  In this city, there are 250 headquarters almost of different IT companies.

Well-known IT companies in India like Infosys, Wipro, and HAL have their headquarters in this city. They have a lot of IT projects. So, they hire different IT professionals from the globe and pay them a handsome amount of income. The other companies like aerospace manufacturing units are also located here. The machine making and different electronic industries are planted in this Silicon Valley of India i.e. Bangalore.

Most of the research in IT software development and outreach to other IT companies in the United States is being carried here. Most of B2B marketing is held here. That means the small businesses in the globe co-operate with the big companies and they work together for various projects in India as well as in the world.

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India’s Potential & Prominence after becoming Silicon Valley

India has maintained its momentum in the time of all the time in the field of IT. They support technological innovations and trained their new talent from their country. They always get in touch with the new revolutions in the IT field. That is why India has unmatched potential and this is because it is becoming a Silicon Valley in the coming years. Why Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India? We have to go through the depth of the marketing parameters and factors. The availability of the internet and how many values you are creating for the people are directly proportional to each other. Through the internet, you can gather the people of a specific field at one platform and you can create opportunities for them throughout the globe. It is not a matter of a specific country or field. Anyone having the ability or any idea can join your community via the internet. So, over the years, after becoming the software offshore companies, India’s revenue through IT software and hardware were 150$ billion in 2019.

Competitive Advantages through Silicon Valley of India

1. Cost Saving

India has got his place in the top 3 in the term of cost-effectiveness. It is now at a higher position than the United States and the other countries. It is 30-40% less than the US. It is constantly increasing over time.

2. Language Competency

Language competency has a major role in international marketing. According to a report, India is the 2nd largest country where English is spoken. This is one of the largest numbers after the United States. So, that is why people get attracted to this country due to the English language and want to start their businesses here.

3. Infrastructure

Because of the top IT companies in this country, they have to maintain the infrastructure and provide the best environment to the co-workers or companies that invest here for business. It gives great connectivity between Clients and the service providers.

Final Words

Thinking back, India has suffered a lot to come this at it is in this time. Now it is a technology-fueled country. And it is counted among the top countries in the world. Over the years India managed the dimension to become a Silicon Valley of the next era. This country has faced so many challenges and now it is proud of the technological changes. It breaks the social barriers and now people work together for the glory of India. Now the entrepreneurs are young, smart, literate, and ambitious. That will surely move India forward.

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