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How to Get the Best Money Counting Machine in 2021?

While driving a large business, you have to deal with large amounts of money. A single person at the counter isn’t enough! For sure, he needs some automated or robotic assistance to pull the business through. Here! Money Counting Machine comes as a savior.

Money counting machine has great benefits. They not only assist in completing such complex money counting but also save time by counting fast. Numerous money counting machines are available around. But who needs a money counting machine, tends to find the best one. But how??? How you can get the best money counting machine? For your convenience, we’ve gathered reviews about the top products for money counting machines here. Let’s go through them and find the best one for you together!

Reviews About Trending Money Counting Machines

While finding the best money counting machine in 2021, you have to take into account some features such as capacity, speed, counterfeit detection abilities, particular features, and convenient usage. The best products available in the market are reviewed below:

1. Bank Grade Mixed Denomination Bill Counter and Sorter

It’s the overall best choice for you! It is a high-capacity counting machine that is reliable and has the advantage of sorting out suspicious bills by sending them into the rejection pocket automatically. For a huge counting project, this is the most suited one for you!


  • The bank Grade CR1500 Bill Counter can count bills at the speed of 800, 900, and 1100 notes per minute. So, it’s a perfect choice for the organizations like the bank where a large amount of cash is to be sorted and counted.
  • The size of the machine is 9 x 10.4 x 10.7 inches and weighs about 18.7 lbs.
  • The machine possesses all types of counterfeit detection properties such as UV, IR, MG, and image recognition detection properties.
  • It also has another magical feature of serial number recognition, which can be used for detecting counterfeit bills in banks.
  • The machine also can capture, saving, and printing each serial number of every bill counted.
  • It can hold 500 bills and can work the whole day.
  • With this money counting machine, you can count the currencies of 30 different countries but works best with US dollars, Euro, Canadian dollars, and British Pounds.

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2. Ribao DCJ-280 (Shark-100N) Two Pocket Mix value

It is also another good choice for your need!


  • The machine is capable of counting bills according to their denomination, orientation, and face. So it is its great advantage that you can count mixed bills at once with it.
  • Because of its rejection feature, it can reject up to 100 notes of different denominations.
  • The machine can automatically counterfeit every banknote through its integrated IR, UV, & MG counterfeit detection features.
  • The Hopper capacity of the machine is 800 notes and the stacker capacity is 200 notes
  • It comes at a reasonable price and its size by RB Tech is 12.2 x 13 x 11.4 inches and weighs about 29 lbs.
  • At such a price, it is very easy to understand, install and control.

3. ZENY Currency Cash Bill Counter

It is an affordable and reliable money counting machine that you can buy only for $100.


  • Thanks to ZENY that has developed it with high energy efficiency! It uses only 90-watt power while operating and 3 watts when not working.
  • Produces no sound and has a large LED Display.
  • Its only downside is that it can only count the notes but can’t sort them out.
  • The device has a self-testing feature that’ll keep it operating well for a long time.
  • It’s a regular and best option for your small business and home use.

4. G-Star Technology Money Counter


  • It is a money counting machine that saves energy and comes at a reasonable price
  • It can count up to 1,200 bills/minute
  • It doesn’t produce much sound and operates at 60dB or less
  • The UV, IR, and MG counterfeit detectors have high accuracy levels for recognizing counterfeit bills with an error rate of only 1/700,000
  • This counter count bills only not overall value
  • The size of the machine is 13.9 x 12.7 x 10 inches and weighs about 15 lbs.

5. Motto MA-180S Bank Grade Mixed Denomination and Multi-Currency Bill Counter with Full Detection and Receipt Printing


  • One of the best counterfeit detectors also comes with an image sensor that allows the device to look through the banknote as well
  • Its size is 11 x 11 x 10 inches and weighs about 15.43 lbs.
  • It works with perfection even with mixed batches of bills and always indicates an accurate count

Final Word

In the light of the above discussion, money counting machines are available at different prices in the market. Every product differs in its features from the others. For your convenience, we talked about the top/highly recommended products in the market that you can opt for you. While buying machines, people also tend to ask some questions. As per the best of our knowledge, we have tried to answer them below:



ANS: No, Money Counting Machines aren’t illegal. In fact, the lawful agencies purchase and use them for financial transactions. However, the Drug Enforcement Administration (USA) claimed that those who purchase a money counter machine may be involved in money laundering or drug dealing.


ANS: The money counting machines that we’ve reviewed above are chosen after complete analysis. These machines can be considered the perfect match for your need. Moreover, the following can be considered by considering the user ratings;

Money Counter Device User Rating
Maxsell Mx50 Max 5/5
Kross currency Top performance for less 3.8/5
Bambalio BEE-3900 Great value and style 3.6/5


ANS: A bill counting machine comes at different prices. Some are cheap while some others are much expensive. Furthermore, it can range from $80 to 1,600 dollars on Amazon.


ANS: Yes, they are designed to do so. They have different sensors like UV, IR & MG for counterfeit detection in the bill notes. The accuracy of a machine can go for a rate of 1/100000 counterfeit detection.

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