7 best Modern App LTD App in 2021

7 best Modern App LTD App in 2021

Using an application without knowing it can be dangerous. Everybody around downloads applications on their devices for convenience. They install them from Play Store or any other platform.  Modern App LTD App is another renowned platform that provides you with the comfort of online, regional to worldwide news, and property to MasterCard content, this platform has taken the world over.

In this blog, we will discuss the 7 best Apps from the Modern App LTD platform that you’ll love to know!

What is Modern App LTD App?

You may have gotten the idea that what is Modern App LTD App. Let’s explain a bit more to you! It’s a platform or network of production of creative applications. It provides the users with outstanding freeware. As the name indicates, it’s a modern network that supplies the world with innovative apps based on the latest technology to support a particular class of people. The main advantage that people take from their ideas or apps is that they target common problems by providing solutions.

7  Best Modern App LTD Applications

Modern App LTD App is the best platform to provide bug-free and cost-free applications to users with a thrust of trust. This network has provided so many applications. But most of the apps target the Bangladesh population. Below are the 7 best Modern App LTD applications that you must know before downloading! So, let’s discover them!

USA Newspaper App

The people who love to explore modern US magazines will love this application. This application provides you an easy hand on the latest US magazines. This type of application is very rare in the application world. So, if you ever crave to read your favorite tea-time magazine, you can satisfy your craving with this wonderful application.

This app doesn’t only provide you with the latest updates about your most favorite celebrity but also contains all bug fixes and night modes.

Property Vara Bikri

As mentioned before that this platform mostly provides applications for the Bangladeshi community so this application is for property dealing purposes. If you are interested to buy property in Bangladesh this application will help you. You can check the rates of different properties from your location.

All the mess of traveling to any place has been solved through it, just sit behind and access the property of your choice.

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All Bangla Radio

Listen to your favorite Bangla Radio with this All Bangla Radio app. This app has been a hit all across Bangladesh. The people who love radio, love this app heartly. It’s not compulsory that for listening to your favorite Bangla radio, you must be in Bangladesh. Even if you are away you can have the taste of folksongs through this.

You can listen to Radio Dhaka FM, Jago, BBC Bangla, and many others!

All Newspaper Bangla English

This is one of the first electronic newspapers that will get to you every time. If you are crazy about reading the newest news, headlines, and case studies then this is the app made for you. It doesn’t convey to you the news of a specific place but covers the whole world.

My Sim My Service

My Sim My Service is a miracle for your device. This is one of the best apps that you can find on the Modern App LTD platform. You can use it to make smooth calls from anywhere to any place that you want. It provides you with many networks like Airtel BD, Vodaphone, Teletalk, and Idea.

This app’s functions are not only limited to that! You can check balance, minutes, SMS, buy internet and you can even request emergency balance from here.

Ayutul Kursi Audio and Bengal Translate

Quran is the food for our souls. This app allows you to listen to Quranic verses everywhere with great ease. This service is 24/7 and is totally free of cost. In this developed world, nobody can carry their religious books with them, so this app is convenient to provide that opportunity!


We know that as the world is being overpopulated, unemployment is increasing day by day. People seek to have jobs that are unavailable. When this option fades, there’s another option of starting a business.

This app allows such people who want to earn or run a business. Through this app, you can check the rates and important details of metals in Nigeria. The best use of this app is to maximize the value to its shareholders.

Mvminerals is an active and worthy platform for entrepreneurs.


In light of the above discussion, generation demands the solutions of their daily problems and Modern App LTD App has gained the world’s attention by targeting this. This platform of application production provides free and bug-free applications that you’ll love to download, install and use them.

You can download these Apps by Clicking Here

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