American blue bay shepherd

Things to Know About Blue Bay shepherd – Weird Dog Breed

So, you are one of the dog lovers. You must know about the blue bay shepherded. It results from the pairing of blue Old German shepherds and wolf dogs. They have a blue long coat and a large size.

What is a Blue Bay Shepherd?

These dogs are famous for their distinct lupine look, high energy levels, and large size. In the first appearance, they look furious and dangerous but they are affectionate and gentle in nature. In fact, these dogs are family dogs and you will enjoy their company. Intelligent, hardworking, and versatile, the blue bay shepherd is not a non-sense dog. They love to use their brain and energy so that you can keep them busy in doing different activities. Learn more about what is a blue bay shepherd in the below lines.

Blue Bay Shepherd Physical Traits

An American blue bay shepherd contains brown, light green-blue eyes, deep blue, and a long coat. They have strong similarities to their wolf ancestors. In appearance, these Blue Bays are minor lanky but they are not frail or weak. In fact, they are athletic, well-muscled, and sturdy with upright ears. You will find them more intelligent as compared to the other breeds.

You may experience some variations in these dog breeds. They can be large, tall, and sturdy dogs. They grow up higher and they can be 20 inches tall at the shoulder. You can find their average weight between eighty-five to one hundred pounds. Some powerful and large dogs weigh one-thirty pounds. In this breed, females are slightly smaller and weigh between seventy to eighty-five pounds. The blue bay shepherd puppies are smaller in size but they are bigger as compared to the other breeds.

Blue Bay Shepherd Diet

blue bay shepherd puppies and dogs love a healthy diet because of their sensitive nature. They always prefer hypoallergenic food. Food that contains toxins can cause bad health, and it is very much destructive due to bad health. It makes them more irritated. Hypoallergenic food is the best to prevent from harms of the allergy and infections. In this way, live safe and active without any health disorder. The majority of the People also ask about their health care and cleanliness.

American blue bay shepherd does not like pork because it is highly toxic to me.

  • Appropriate cleaning, the durability of the habitat because I am a bit destructive sometimes
  • For convenience, two doors on the side and front to exit and enter, do not make me bored; otherwise, I become irritated.
  • Each door contains Two bolt latches; it is good for my safety and cleaning reasons
  • Easy to set up and fold for cleaning purposes.

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Habitat for Blue Bay Shepherd Puppies

Why do puppies like the boxes? Puppies love the card boxes with lids. When this dog is a small puppy, it loves to hide in the boxes and find it a secure habitat for them. Puppies are less naughty as compared to cats but these blue bay shepherd puppies are more energetic.

These cardboard boxes are powerful to provide comfort and offer a secure home to these small animals. Your pets will not move inside the home without the reason if you train them that they need to sit quietly in their box. Make it more comfortable for them, putting a small mattress and some toys for your pets. It is an ideal home for them.

Are Blue Bay Shepherds aggressive?

So, you want to know about its nature. It is not aggressive by nature. You can call him a bit noisy because he starts barking at other animals and strangers, but he does not bark at a passing car, thunder, and squirrels. Due to high energy, he loves to do plenty of exercises of about 30 to 60 minutes. If there is nothing to do for the blue bay shepherd, it makes him bored, and he is very loud and destructive in anger.

Is Blue Bay Shepherd a Good Family Dog?

His nature is to her kids, and he loves to romp children. With other animals in the home, he is always friendly. Due to its intelligence and enthusiastic nature, it becomes easy for the owner to train it. American blue bay shepherd likes training, games, sports, and hard exercises all the time. This is a perfect police dog, herding animal, and a great family pet. Because of the herding instinct, he is highly protective of my territory and family. It is loved that my owner gives me attention and unique consideration. This makes a dog happy. Due to its sensitive nature, it likes clean surroundings, clear water, and many more.

How Much Does a Blue Bay Shepherd Cost?

An average blue bay shepherd is available at different prices. It ranges from $ 3, 000 to $ 3200. You can buy blue bay shepherd puppies for sale as per the laws of the state. The majority of the people prefer to buy puppies instead of a blue bay shepherd for sale since they are more expensive than puppies and a dog with a large size eats more.

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